Pathintegrator searches for, and integrates in a single network pathways in which a given gene or protein is involved.
**Pathintegrator** obtains a list of pathways from different sources (Pathway Commons, NetPath, Wikipathways and KEGG) in which a protein of interest has a role, merges the information contained in the retrieved pathways and displays it as a **single, union network**. **PLEASE NOTE:** *At the moment (Feb. 2013) the plugin has not yet been updated to handle BioPAX 3.0 to interrogate the NetPath database (that was using BioPAX 2.0 at the time of Pathintegrator development). This may cause delay and/or malfunction when querying NetPath. We advice to not select NetPath in the search form until a new version of the plugin has been released. We are sorry for this inconvenience and are looking for resources to update the plugin. Thanks for your comprehension. Further information: p . tieri AT iac . cnr . it*