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Lotia S, Montojo J, Dong Y, Bader GD, Pico AR. Cytoscape app store. Bioinformatics. 2013 May 15;29(10):1350-1.

Our Worldwide Community of App Developers

Cytoscape provides a solid platform for network visualization and analysis, but it’s really all about the apps. Researchers and developers from institutions around the world have built on top of Cytoscape to add new functionality and tailored solutions for a broad range of network-related projects. This site is dedicated to serving our rapidly growing app developer community. We want each app to have its own online presence as a hub of activity. And we want each developer to be able to distribute, promote and support their apps for their target audience. If you have ideas about how to make this site more effective, let us know!

Cytoscape Consortium

Cytoscape was first released in 2002 and is now maintained by the Cytoscape Consortium, consisting of a board of directors and over a dozen developers from an international set of member institutions. Cytoscape is committed to remaining open source and freely available for the research community. Visit for more information.

National Resource for Network Biology

NRNB was launched in 2010 as a national resource supporting network biology researchers and tool developers. Cytoscape is the flagship resource supported by NRNB and this Cytoscape App Store, in particular, was an NRNB-driven project. This site is thus supported by the NRNB grant from NIH/NIGMS/BBCB, P41 GM103504. Visit for more information.