A Temporal Transcription regulation modeler to predict master regulators
**TETRAMER** provides a user-friendly framework for the **reconstruction of cell fate transition-specific gene regulatory networks (GRNs)** by integrating user-provided temporal transcriptomes with generic GRNs derived from *(i)* the analysis of multiple publicly available gene expression profiles associated to several mouse or human cell type/tissues (CellNet; http://cellnet.hms.harvard.edu/); *(ii)* the genome-wide mapping of human promoters and enhancers in multiple cell type/tissues from CAGE data generated by the FANTOM5 consortium (regulatory circuits http://regulatorycircuits.org/); as well as *(iii)* the systematic analysis of most publicly available ChIP-sequencing data corresponding to TF-binding in a variety of human or mouse cell type/tissues: http://ngs-qc.org/. Furthermore, **TETRAMER provides an iterative approach for interrogating the capacity of each TF**, retrieved on the GRN, **to drive cell fate transformation**. For it the temporal transcriptional regulation cascade derived from each TF is scrutinized as a way to verify its influence on the reconstitution of the differential gene expression patterns associated to the cell fate transformation.


Works with Cytoscape 3.4


Version 1.0

Released 11 Jul 2017

Works with Cytoscape 3.4

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