Integrate data from multiple species, mapping multiple orthologs
A tool for interspecific comparative analysis, to add to an existing network ortholog identifiers and custom data. 30 species are currently supported. The desired specificity and sensitivity in orthology search can be obtained through multiple homology assessment sources (currently OMA, Compara, OrthoMCL and Homologene are available). Input identifiers are automatically converted to query and combine orthology sources results. All the identified orthologs will be converted to the desired output format, to allow custom data mapping. Orthologs can be used to create a new network of metanodes, each representing an input and its orthologs identifiers. A specific function allows to map data to metanodes. Metanodes are depicted as pie-carts, reflecting user data, easing the comparison of input and orthologs species values. A particular emphasis is given to functional genomic data. More than 70 microarrays formats are supported and data can be also downloaded directly from arrayexpress ATLAS service to the metanodes. HOMECAT is easily extensible. The currently supported homology sources are accessed through "components", that are freely downloadable from our website, and easy to install. This allows any user to modify homology data access and add the support to other data sources, by developing only a component. For the user manual, to download components allowing multiple orthology databases support, and to learn how to easily develop new components, see project website: [http://www.cbmc.it/~zorzans/homecat/] *Metanodes and graphical representation require MetaNodes and NodeCharts plugins.*