Makes a similarity network where nodes are genes, and edges denote highly correlated genes.
The plugin computes a similarity network from either the genes or conditions in an expression matrix. Nodes in a similarity network represent genes or conditions. Links represent similarity between vectors of the expression levels of genes across all given conditions (gene correlation network) or the similarity between vectors of the expression levels of all genes in a single condition (condition correlation network). The plugin allows the user to select an Expression Matrix of micro-array data directly from Cytoscape and convert it to a visible interaction Network in Cytoscape. The Similarity Matrix is computed using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. A histogram tool is available for choosing a similarity strength threshold, in order to ease creation of a reasonably sized network. No statistical significance is currently implemented for the similarity network.


Works with Cytoscape 3.2


Version 1.1.0

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Released 10 Apr 2015

Works with Cytoscape 3.2

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