CytoHiC: Visual Comparison of Hi-C Networks
**CytoHiC Plugin allows users to view and visually compare spatial maps of genomic landmarks, based on normalized Hi-C data.** With the introduction of the Hi-C method, new and fundamental properties of the nuclear architecture are emerging. The ability to interpret data generated by this method, which aims to measure the probability of spatial proximity between and within chromosomes, is crucial for uncovering the three dimensional structure of the nucleus. Providing researchers with tools for interactive visualization of Hi-C data can help in gaining new and important insights about the properties, dynamics and role of the nuclear organization. By exploiting the powerful environment of Cytoscape, CytoHiC provides an interactive and user friendly interface for viewing, navigating and comparing Hi-C maps of genomic landmarks. With CytoHiC, users may compare the spatial changes in Hi-C networks between species (orthologs), throughout a progress of a disease or between different developmental stages. Furthermore, users may view and compare patterns associated with genomic landmarks, such as methylation and gene expression. *Example files and documentation are available from:* **Reference** CytoHiC: a cytoscape plugin for visual comparison of Hi-C networks. Yoli Shavit; Pietro Lio'. Bioinformatics 2013; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt120

Version 1.1

Released 9 Aug 2013

Works with Cytoscape 2.8.3