Loads any pathway in bioCyc database. Original panel provides useful information for each node.
This app provides a web services interface to Pathway Tools repositories. It utilizes the web services infrastructure in Cytoscape to access web services using [Pathway Tools]( version 14.5 or better. **Features:** * The app allows users to select the site they want to use (the [BioCyc repostory]( is the default). * The app provides the user with a list of databases to choose from. The user may search the database by entering the name of a pathway, protein, or compound. * Double-clicking on the desired pathway will load it into Cytoscape using the [BioPAX]( format. * As part of the load process, the SMILES strings for any small molecules with structures are pulled out of the CML and put into a "smiles" cytoscape attribute to provide compatability with chemViz.