Adj Exporter

Cytoscape app that enables AdjacencyMatrixExport formats for directed & undirected networks
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#Adj Exporter Adj Exporter is a Cytoscape app for exporting a Cytoscape network as an adjacency matrix. Thanks [karthikeyan BS for requesting this app feature](!searchin/cytoscape-discuss/adjacency$20matrix/cytoscape-discuss/iUfaZ89OCwQ/uxjDrs1UuB8J) ##**Want to visualize large data matrices exported from Cytoscape through this app ?**## - Install this adj exporter app. - Export the Cytoscape network with **node names**. - Use the exported file in the above step to import into [TreeView 3 software]( ## App Installation - Install [Cytoscape 3.x]( - Install this app. You can export using Apps manager of Cytoscape. Apps → App Manager - File -> Export -> Network *Select the export format* . The app supports directed, undirected networks. You can even include the node names as shown [here]( - **Example** : Suppose the network has nodes A, B, C & directed edges A->B, B->C. Output file with nodes for *directed networks* will be something like this. NName C B A C 0 -1 0 B 1 0 -1 A 0 1 0 **Disclaimer for *directed networks* :** If you **don't** want to have -1's as per your convention. You can do a text search of "-1" using a text editor and replace by "0". Please go through these examples ([1](, [2]( and [3]( for the conventions used. - Feel free to tell us about any bug you find or an issue you face while using our app! Want to submit an issue or bug or feature request ? [Click here]( - Want to make Cytoscape read adjacency matrix files ? Try [this app]( ###Release notes for Adj Exporter 1.4 (Latest Version) Fixes [this bug]( for directed networks ###Release notes for Adj Exporter 1.3 App now supports directed networks. Thanks [Mariano Pablo Oranges for the feature request]( ###Release notes for Adj Exporter 1.1 Two export formats are available now as shown in screenshots 1) AdjExporter with node names 2) AdjExporter without node names ###Release notes for Adj Exporter 1.0 Currently the app considers input networks as undirected and unweighted (i.e) adjacency matrix exported is a symmetric matrix with 1's, 0's


Works with Cytoscape 3.1


Works with Cytoscape 3.1


Works with Cytoscape 3.1

Release Notes

Two export formats are available now 1) AdjExporter with node names 2) AdjExporter without node names


Works with Cytoscape 3.1


Version 1.4

Released 28 Jun 2016

Works with Cytoscape 3.1

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