Manager plugin required for all scripting engines
Categories: scripting
# Deprecated This project is no longer active and is not recommended to use. Please consider to use [cyREST]( App instead. ---- ### What is this for? This plugin is a manager for all scripting engines for Cytoscape. Supports Java Scripting Framework available from Java 6 (JSR-223). **Java 6 and Cytoscape 2.8.x is required for this plugin.** ### Important Note **This plugin is required to run scripts on Cytoscape.** ### For Cytoscape 3 Users Support for scripting feature for Java platform is built-in function in Cytoscape 3 and you do not need this kind of manager plugin. Sample code/tutorials will be added [here]( (*Icon for this plugin was designed by [OXYGEN project](*

Version 1.0

License Click here

Released 1 Aug 2011

Works with Cytoscape 2.8