Assists in preparing network for submission to journals having an interactive network viewer
The ScienceDirect app assists in the preparation of a Cytoscape network for submission to a journal that supports interactive network browsing in an online (web-based) version of your article (e.g., [here]( Currently, interactive browsing is supported for <a href="">a growing list of journals</a> on the []( web portal, which is Elsevier's online library of publications. If you wish to publish your Cytoscape network as interactive supplementary material (in addition to the static image in your article text), the ScienceDirect app allows you to preview and interactively explore your Cytoscape network in your web browser just as it would appear on an article page on Science Direct. From there, you can use this app to package your network for submission to your journal of choice or return to Cytoscape to tweak your network further. ###Preview **A network in Cytoscape** ![]( **The same network previewed in your browser** ![] ( ###Instructions To use the ScienceDirect app: **1)** Use Cytoscape to prepare your network for publication, including arranging node layout and styles. **2)** Click the green SD icon in the toolbar. Your network will appear in a browser window in the same form as it would appear on Science Direct. A message box will also appear: ![]( **3)** Inspect your network by using your mouse to pan (drag) the network and your browser controls to zoom in. **4a)** If you're satisfied, click the Export button in the message box, and you’ll be able to save the network as a ZIP file suitable for submission according to <a href="">the journal’s author instructions</a>. **4b)** If the network isn’t ready for submission, click the Cancel button and resume editing your network in Cytoscape. ###Notes * Currently, interactive browsing is supported for <a href="">a growing list of journals</a>. If your journal is not on this list, please contact your journal's publisher to ask that they collaborate with us to improve their support for interactive network browsing. * Cytoscape’s network rendering system is designed for desktop use, while the browser-based renderer incorporates web technologies (e.g., <a href="">cytoscape.js</a> and Cascaded Style Sheets). As a result, most but not all networks will render the same in the browser as in Cytoscape. [Cytoscape visual styles]( not supported in the web browser are ignored. A complete compatibility list is available [here]( * Known major incompatibilities that will be solved in future versions: - Cytoscape Charts and node Custom Graphics are ignored - Cytoscape Style Bypass is ignored - For best results, use the [latest Cytoscape]( ###Bug Reports If you find a bug, please file a report at <a href="">GitHub Issues</a>.


Works with Cytoscape 3.3


Works with Cytoscape 3.3


Version 0.2.0

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Released 2 May 2016

Works with Cytoscape 3.3

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