Reactome FIs

Accesses to Reactome Functional interaction (FI) network to perform pathway analyses.
This plugin accesses the Reactome Functional Interaction (FI) network, a highly reliable, manually curated pathway-based protein functional interaction network covering close to 50% of human proteins. This plugin was designed to find network patterns related to cancer and other types of diseases. The plug-in allows you to construct a FI sub-network based on a set of genes, query the FI data source for the underlying evidence for the interaction, build and analyze network modules of highly-interacting groups of genes, perform functional enrichment analysis to annotate the modules, expand the network by finding genes related to the experimental data set, display pathway diagrams, and overlay with a variety of information sources such as cancer gene index annotations.

Version 1.0

Released 5 Oct 2010

Works with Cytoscape 2.7