PSICQUIC Web Service Client for importing interactions from public databases
## Important Note for Cytoscape 3 Users PSICQUIC client is a built-in feature in Cytoscape 3 and you do not install any App to use PSICQUIC service. New, improved version is now available in [ Cytoscape 3.1.0 core distribution]. ### Introduction PSICQUIC is a standard web service protocol supported by major interaction data providers, including IntAct, BioGRID, STRING, etc. As of March 2014, [ 31 major interaction data providers] support this standard and you can access all of those at once by this App. ### New in v0.31 * Smart Labeling - Plugin tries to add human readable labels to nodes * Edge Score handling - bugs are fixed and now scores are imported as floating point numbers ### Useful Links * [PSICQUIC Web Site]( * [List of databases supporting PSICQUIC]( * [Nature Methods Paper about PSICUQIC](

Version 0.31

License Click here

Released 1 Jun 2012

Works with Cytoscape 2.8