Retrieves molecular interactions and interaction attributes from MiMI and displays the interaction networks and attributes.
MiMI Cytoscape plugin retrieves molecular interactions from Michigan Molecular Interactions (MiMI) database and displays the interaction network with Cytoscape. MiMI gathers and merges data from well-known protein interaction databases including BIND, DIP, HPRD, RefSeq, SwissProt, IPI and CCSB-HI1 etc. A provenance model has been developed that tracks the source of each data element and what processes have been performed upon it. The plugin also integrates with other NCIBI tools for literature information, document summarization and pathway matching. By integrating with a biology nature language processing database (BioNLP) and a multi-document summarization system MEAD, the plugin provides users literature information associated with interactions, and summarization (sorted) of the literature information. MiMI Plug-in also integrates with a graph matching tool (SAGA) for chosen networks graphic match against biological pathways. This plug-in provides users an interactive molecule and interaction annotation editor for users to add their own node/edge annotations.
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