performs the microbetag workflow and visualise microbetag-annotated networks
## A graphical interface for *microbetag* ### a microbial co-occurrence networks annotator microbetagDB consists of 34,608 high-quality [Genome Taxonomy DataBase]( genomes, along with their corresponding KEGG annotations and genome-scale metabolic reconstructions. Seed sets (externally acquired compounds) were retrieved from the latter, supporting the prediction of over 1 billion potential pairwise metabolic interactions. Relying on [KEGG MODULE]( definitions, 342,000 unique pathway complements were identified based on pairwise overlaps between the annotated genomes. In addition, 33 phenotypic traits (e.g., pH optima, oxygen tolerance etc.) were predicted for the annotated genomes and incorporated in microbetagDB. *microbetag* maps node taxonomies to their closest genome in microbetagDB and annotates them with phenotypic traits and functional potential previously derived from the literature. Edges are then annotated with pathway complements and seed complementarities that may represent cross-feeding relationships. MGG enables the direct usage of *microbetag* through Cytoscape; the user may provide a taxonomically annotated abundance table from amplicon/shotgun metagenomics and (if available) their corresponding co-occurrence network and submit a job for the annotation of the network. If a network is not available, microbetag will invoke [FlashWeave]( to produce one. You may find more in the [Documentation site]( of *microbetag*.


Works with Cytoscape 3.8


Version 1.0.0

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Released 4 Apr 2024

Works with Cytoscape 3.8

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