Enables user to define groups of nodes and display information about groups.
Categories: grouping, utility
The Group Tool is a simple tool that can be used to display information about groups, create new groups, and delete groups. It is not a group viewer itself, but the tool provides an interface to all of the currently defined groups, the nodes and internal and external edges of those groups and which viewer (if any) is being used to view that group. The Group Dialog may be started by selecting **Group Tool...** from the Cytoscape Plugins menu (see screenshot above). The dialog has a table with columns for the Group Name, number of Nodes, Network, number of Internal Edges, number of External Edges, and the Viewer that is being used to view the group (if any). The table may be sorted by selecting the column header of any of the columns. One additional function of the table is to change the viewer associated with a group. Each of the cells in the Viewer column is a popup menu with all of the currently registered viewers available. You can use this to change from the namedSelection viewer to the metaNode group viewer for example.