### cyTRON: a Cytoscape app for the visualization of evolutionary trajectories in cancer progression [ TRONCO] is an *R* package that implements state-of-the-art algorithms for the inference of cancer progressions with the ultimate goal of understanding the evolutionary trajectories driving tumor evolution. In such a multidisciplinary domain, where computer scientists actively cooperate with biologists, being capable of visually understanding the data is crucial to both parties. [ cyTRON] is a Cytoscape app that was designed for this purpose, i.e., mapping the features provided by the TRONCO R package to a user-friendly and accessible interface.


Works with Cytoscape 3.6

Release Notes

Cytoscape App Released on November 8, 2018


Version 0.0.1.SNAPSHOT

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Released 8 Nov 2018

Works with Cytoscape 3.6

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