Provides Gaggle Boss, which routes data from one application to another.
Categories: scripting
The CyGoose Cytoscape Plugin gives any network in Cytoscape full access to the Gaggle. The Gaggle is a tool to create a data exploration and analysis environment. Other geese (independent threads/tools which Cytoscape can now interact with through the Gaggle Boss) can be found at <a href=""></a>.<p><b>New Features:</b><ul><li>Select a default layout (excluding yFiles layouts) to apply to subsequent incoming <i>network</i> broadcasts</li><li>A Gaggle species can now be set in the text box on the left, and will update based on the species of an incoming broadcasts. <i><font color='red'>Note</font></i> the species of each Goose (network) is not remembered in this box as every incoming broadcast can change it. A user may type in their own species name as well.</li></ul>