Identification, visualization and analysis of clusters from large networks
Identification, visualization and analysis of clusters, overlapping or not, extracted from large networks. Clust&See provides:<br><ul><li> three different, recently developed graph clustering algorithms, one of which can produce overlapping clusters.</li><li> the ability to visualize a partition as a quotient graph.</li><li> tools for investigating the relationships between vertices and clusters as well as their organization within the whole graph.</li></ul> Spinelli L., Gambette P., Chapple C.E., Robisson B., Baudot A., Garreta H., Tichit L., Guénoche A. and Brun C. (2013) Clust&See: a Cytoscape plugin for the identification, visualization and manipulation of network clusters. BioSystems, 113 : 91-95. doi 10.1016/j.biosystems.2013.05.010.
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