Retrieves interactions associated with input IDs. Sophisticated UI gives links to GO, KEGG, etc.
This plugin allows searching molecular interactions from **SysBiomics**, our in-house database, and displaying the result as an interaction network within Cytoscape. **SysBiomics** integrates data from well-known interaction databases including **DIP**, **BIOGRID**, **HPRD**, **BIND**, **MINT** and **INTACT**. **BisoGenet** provides an easy to use interface allowing users to customize the searches by specifying a target set of genes/proteins to retrieve interactions data for, specifying a subcontext around the targets to narrow the interactions data searching space, defining a selection filter to discard/include interactions (within the specified subcontext) given its nature, primary databases and supporting experimental methods. Interaction network's gene/protein associated info includes annotations from **NCBI**, **UniProt**, **KEGG**, and **GO** databases while interaction info includes the supporting experimental methods and hyperlinks to their primary databases entries and related publications. **BisoGenet** also includes network topology analysis tools such as **Shortest Paths** between a set of nodes, determination of **Equivalent Nodes**, and **Network Statistics** reports in combination to interactive **Transparency filter** to help discernig such analytical results in the context of dense networks.


Works with Cytoscape 3.1


Version 3.0.0

Released 7 Sep 2015

Works with Cytoscape 3.1

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Version 1.41

Released 10 Jun 2010

Works with Cytoscape 2.6, 2.7