Downloads PPI data from APID and performs various analyses and visualizations.
Downloads PPI data from http://bioinfow.dep.usal.es/apid/ and performs various analyses including protein motif, GO, hub identification, etc. through the original GUI. Equipped with impressing "rainbow" coloring of nodes. Plugin designed to visualize, explore and analyze the proteins and interactions retrieved from the <b>unified interactome</b> platform APID (which integrates BIND, BioGrid, DIP, HPRD, IncAct and MINT). The retrieved data include the <b>annotations and attributes associated</b> to the network: GO terms, InterPro domains, experimental methods that validate each interaction, PubMed IDs, UniProt IDs. The tool provides interactive graphical representation of the <b>protein-protein interaction</b> (PPI) networks within Cytoscape, plus new automatic tools to find <b>hubs</b> and <b>concurrent attributes</b> (functional and structural) along the protein pairs of a given network.
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