### Visualize Adverse Outcome Pathway Networks With AOPXplorer, you can visualize AOP Networks (AOPNs) from the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center's [ AOPN repository]. AOPXplorer is part of the [ AOP-KB project]. ### See your data on an AOP network. See for yourself what's going on. By harnessing the power of Cytoscape, we enable you to paint your data on the AOPNs from our repository. You can also make your own AOPNs in Cytoscape (nothing special to do -- just make a pathway in Cytoscape). ### Get Involved If you have an AOPN that you want to share with us, drop us a note at our [ AOPN issue tracker] or send me an email.


Works with Cytoscape 3.3


Version 1.0.0

Released 14 Apr 2017

Works with Cytoscape 3.3

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