Uses of Interface

Uses of CyCyniMetric in org.cytoscape.cyni

Classes in org.cytoscape.cyni that implement CyCyniMetric
 class AbstractCyniMetric
          The AbstractCyniMetrics provides a basic implementation of a cyni metric TaskFactory.

Methods in org.cytoscape.cyni that return CyCyniMetric
 CyCyniMetric CyCyniMetricsManager.getCyniMetric(String name)
          Returns a Cyni Metric of the specified name and null if no metric exists with that name.
 CyCyniMetric CyCyniMetricsManager.getDefaultCyniMetric()
          Returns the default Cyni Metric.

Methods in org.cytoscape.cyni that return types with arguments of type CyCyniMetric
 ArrayList<CyCyniMetric> CyCyniMetricsManager.getAllCyniMetrics()
          Returns a list of all available Cyni Metrics.
 ArrayList<CyCyniMetric> CyCyniMetricsManager.getAllCyniMetricsWithType(List<String> types)
          Returns the list of metrics that contains at least the same types that are passed as input parameter.

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