Uses of Interface

Uses of CyCyniAlgorithm in org.cytoscape.cyni

Classes in org.cytoscape.cyni that implement CyCyniAlgorithm
 class AbstractCyniAlgorithm
          The AbstractCyniAlgorithm provides a basic implementation of a cyni algorithm TaskFactory.

Methods in org.cytoscape.cyni that return CyCyniAlgorithm
 CyCyniAlgorithm CyCyniAlgorithmManager.getCyniAlgorithm(String name, CyniCategory category)
          Returns a Cyni algorithm of the specified name and category.

Methods in org.cytoscape.cyni that return types with arguments of type CyCyniAlgorithm
 Collection<CyCyniAlgorithm> CyCyniAlgorithmManager.getAllCyniAlgorithms(CyniCategory category)
          Returns a collection of all available Cyni algorithms for the specified category.

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