Omics Visualizer

Import & Visualize several data for the same node
*Omics Visualizer* allows users to import data tables with multiple rows referring to the same network node and to visualize such data onto networks. This is particularly useful for visualizing post-translational modification sites or peptides identified in proteomics studies as well as data measured under multiple conditions. *Omics Visualizer* enables users to import a data table, connect it to one or more networks, and visualize the connected data onto networks. If the user does not provide a network, *Omics Visualizer* retrieves a network from the [STRING database]( using the Cytoscape [stringApp]( The *Omics Visualizer* table import mimics the Cytoscape default import process: it handles text and spreadsheet files, the user can select the columns to import and modify the auto-detected type for each. To connect a table with a network, the user must select the key columns from the node table and from the data table. *Omics Visualizer* gives the possibility to represent numerical data from the table onto the network in two ways: either with a pie chart in the node, or with a donut chart around the node. A slice of the chart is a row from the table, and the color represents the numerical value. The charts are drawn by the [enhancedGraphics app](


Works with Cytoscape 3.7


Version 1.0

Released 1 Apr 2019

Works with Cytoscape 3.7

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