Omics Analysis Collection

Collection of apps to facilitate network analysis of omic data. By installing this app, you will be installing a set of apps.
This collection of apps has been made to facilitate the analysis of omics data. By installing this app, you are installing the following set of apps that work well together in workflows like this: ### Generate a Network Starting with a gene list based on your omics experiment, for example, you can gather interaction data using the following apps in this collection to generate a network: - **STRING app** - **GeneMANIA** - **AgilentLiteratureSearch** ### Integrate Your Data - Import your omics data into Cytoscape - Use **BridgeDb** to perform ID mapping (if needed) ### Perform Analyses - Cluster analysis with **clusterMaker2** - Functional enrichment with **BiNGO** and **jActiveModules** ### Visualize Results - Use **clusterMaker2** to visualize and animate heatmap colors on the network - Use **CyAnimator** to animate across time-course data (if relevant) --- ***Refer to the documentation and app store pages for each individual app for more details***


Works with Cytoscape 3.3


Works with Cytoscape 3.3


Version 1.0

Released 19 Apr 2016

Works with Cytoscape 3.3

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