Provides network interface to MiSink-enabled Web sites, including DIP.
Categories: scripting
MiSink is a plugin for Cytoscape that converts Cytoscape into an interactive, graphical interface to [DIP](http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu/dip/Main.cgi) and, potentially other, other MiSink-enabled Web sites. This is possible, from the end-user perspective, by implementing, within MiSink, three additional operations: * adding to the current Cytoscape network nodes and edges 'advertised' by a Web site through and icons. * visiting sites that provide annotation of the imported nodes/edges * finding information about the neighbouring nodes In addition, MiSink can be used to import into Cytoscape data from tab-delimited or XML files. Data in practically arbitrary format can be imported thanks to strightforward configuration based on simple, yet powerful, XPath language.

Version 2.04

Released 28 May 2008

Works with Cytoscape 2.6

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