IntAct App

BETA: Build molecular interaction networks from IntAct database. Access all details in one click.
> **Testing version**: This version is a closed beta so please don't use it if you were not invited to do so. > The testing session will take place from 10/08/2020 to the 11/09/2020. > The application will not work during the transition from testing to production IntAct App allows the creation of Molecular Interaction networks within Cytoscape, where nodes represent molecules and edges represent evidence of interactions between those molecules. IntAct App provides 2 ways for building these networks: - Fuzzy Search: get big sets of molecules, e.g. Kinase, "Cell cycle", etc. - Exact Query: get small and precise sets of molecules, e.g. brca1, tp53, etc. To use them, put some terms that describe molecules you are interested in, such as their gene name or their identifier, inside the Network panel. You will then need to precise which of the term-matching molecules you want to have in your network. The resulting network will have 3 view modes available: - Summary: All evidence edges between 2 molecules are summarized into a single edge colored by its MI Score - Evidence: All evidence edges are visible, and their color matches the type of interaction found. - Mutation: Same as evidence except that it highlights evidence that involves a mutation. You can customize the default IntAct styles. You can also get details about molecules and interaction evidence by clicking on them. In addition, you can filter your network according to these details.


Works with Cytoscape 3.8


Works with Cytoscape 3.8


Version 0.9.1.SNAPSHOT

Released 18 Sep 2020

Works with Cytoscape 3.8

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