Brings some functionality of Igraph such as layouts into Cytoscape. Mac only.
Categories: layout
This plugin brings the following subset of igraph's features into Cytoscape: * Layouts (all have support for laying out only the set of selected nodes): * Circle Layout (unweighted) * FruchtermanReingoldLayout (unweighted & weighted) * FruchtermanReingoldGridLayout (unweighted & weighted) * LGLLayout (unweighted) * Minimum Spanning Tree (has support for computing the MST of only the set of selected nodes) * Unweighted * Weighted (Prim's algorithm) * IsConnected? This feature analyzes the connectedness of a graph (has support for computing on the set of selected nodes, also supports both directed and undirected edges).

Version 0.1

Released 13 Sep 2011

Works with Cytoscape 2.8.1, 2.8.2

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