Enables users to view, manipulate and analyze metabolic models created by the Model SEED.
Categories: network generation
The CytoSEED plugin enables viewing, manipulating and analyzing metabolic models created by the Model SEED ( CytoSEED enables users of the Model SEED to create informative visualizations of the reaction networks generated for their organisms of interest. Users may load any model for which they have access in the Model SEED. CytoSEED downloads the model data, reactions and compounds from the Model SEED, and organizes the reactions into networks based on their corresponding KEGG pathway maps. After the initial load (which may take several minutes), the model data is stored on the user's desktop in a specified folder for quick loading in subsequent sessions. Note: CytoSEED does not currently support editing of model data on the Model SEED server. Changes to a model's visualization in CytoSEED will not result in changes to the model data on the Model SEED server.

Version 1.1

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Released 27 Oct 2011

Works with Cytoscape 2.8.1, 2.8.2

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