Save Cytoscape network collections on the NDEx repository and retrieve them
### Welcome to CyNDEx-2! CyNDEx-2 is an app for browsing, importing, and exporting networks to an [] server. CyNDEx-2 adds an NDEx search bar and a new export option to Cytoscape. These additions will launch new windows when used which bring pieces of NDEx directly to Cytoscape! CyNDEx-2 is a major improvement over the original CyNDEx app with an emphasis on user experience, account management, and network visualization. **All feedback welcome!** ### To Find and Load a Network When installed, a new search bar will be added to the upper right hand corner of Cytoscape. Searching will open up the CyNDEx Finder, which displays renderings of networks on NDEx for visual selection, along with sortable and filterable metadata. Downloading any network will import it into Cytoscape. ### To Save a Network When installed, a new menu entry will be added to File -> Export -> Network Collection to NDEx... which allows a selected network to be save. Click on a network, then select the export option, and the CyNDEx Saver will be opened. The Saver allows you to fill out network metadata and choose between overwriting and creating a new network from your current network (if the network was imported from NDEx). **Note that when you save a network to NDEx, Cytoscape will capture a picture of your network in Cytoscape and upload it to NDEx for you, which will also be used as the picture for your network in CyNDEx Finder!** ### Managing your NDEx Profiles CyNDEx-2 comes with a nifty account manager. Both the CyNDEx Finder and Saver have a menu in the upper right hand corner that can be used to add an NDEx profile for any NDEx server you wish to save and load networks from. Simply click your mouse on the account manager in the right hand corner, and the account manager will open. You may add multiple profiles which will then be available in a list when hovering over the account manager.


Works with Cytoscape 3.5


Version 2.0.26

Released 23 Jun 2017

Works with Cytoscape 3.5

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