Load a graph with a layout that locates its nodes according to predefined 2D coordinates (typically GPS coordinates).
This plugin makes possible to open a graph by locating its nodes according to GPS coordinates. Once installed you can find it in the "Layout" menu. The plugin needs the following information: - Nodes file composed of : numberNode labelNode cluster Xcoor Ycoor - Edges file composed of : numberNode_1 numberNode_2 ~weight (the weight is optional) - Name of the network you want to create where the node and edge files are csv files, with spaces as separators. After entering these information, a network will be created and will print the graph. Nodes will be located according to their GPS coordinates and all nodes in the same cluster will have the same color.


Works with Cytoscape 3.0


Version 3.0

Released 28 Jul 2017

Works with Cytoscape 3.0

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